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Increase your sales with eCommerce SEO

If you have an online store, you should be doing everything you can to optimise your store for online sales.

However, ranking at the top of the search engines can be difficult and very time-consuming – which is why you may want to hire an eCommerce SEO specialist to keep on top of it for you.

Online retail has boomed in the last few years, which means there is more competition than ever. You may believe it’s impossible to rank higher than others selling the same products as you, but it is doable with the right strategy.

No matter how your website is currently ranking, we can help to turn it into an organic powerhouse with our expert eCommerce SEO services for Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.

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    SEO Auditing

    Best ways of improving SEO on eCommerce websites

    At Quirky Digital, we can create the perfect on-page SEO strategy to optimise the pages on your site, whether that be WordPress, Shopify, or any other CMS; including the brand page, category pages, as well as product pages.

    Content will be a key focus with Quirky Digital – we can update and optimise existing content, as well as create engaging and quality content on a regular basis to ensure that your pages have the elements they need to rank highly.

    Keyword research is another key focus. In the world of eCommerce, most keywords will be short and simple search terms – which are generally pretty competitive. There can be a huge difference between similar keywords, so we will conduct extensive keyword research to ensure we find and use the best keywords for your products.

    We’ll also research the market to ensure we completely understand your position in the purchasing cycle. Sales are key in eCommerce, and at Quirky Digital, we know how you can grow your business online and ultimately increase the number of sales.

    Search traffic increased by over 850% for eCommerce wine brand

    This wine brand required an eCommerce SEO agency who could produce a strategy that would build trust with Google and drive serious traffic to the website.
    eCom Wine Brand
    Leading SEO Agency

    Building authority for your eCommerce store

    eCommerce is one of the most competitive markets out there, so there are many different factors to consider when implementing an SEO strategy. For example, backlinking is a key part of SEO for online retail, and link building strategies are forever evolving.

    By creating quality digital PR campaigns and engaging content on relevant topics, you can naturally generate links to your site and pages. Whether the content is a review, a post about the latest news in the industry, or simply an opinion piece about relevant topics, the key is to make it unique.

    Ensuring that the content your business produces is valuable will establish your brand as a trusted authority in the industry, as well as enable you to rank higher.

    We want to be your long-term eCommerce SEo agency

    The eCommerce industry is one of the most saturated markets out there, so it takes a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd and outrank your competitors.

    At Quirky Digital, we have the knowledge and experience to get your business to the next level – we have experience with local SEO, national SEO, and of course, eCommerce SEO. We’ve worked with one-man brands as well as multinational companies – as long as you are ambitious and are dedicated to your goals, we can help you.

    If you already have an SEO service provider, we can give you a no-obligation review of your site, and we’d even be willing to work with them to improve your online visibility and rankings.

    With our expert services, you don’t have to worry and can simply enjoy the benefits of a great SEO strategy. From higher rankings and an increase in online enquiries, your business will reap the rewards of our quality strategies.

    eCommerce SEO frequently asked questions

    Got any questions for our experienced team about ranking eCommerce websites at the top of Google? If you browse this section, you might be able to find the answer before enquiring.

    Backlinks are a key part of any SEO strategy - but it can be one of the more difficult aspects. It can involve searching through the internet for other sites, blogs, and pages to link your site to. When other high ranking websites link to your site, your traffic will increase and it will establish authority.


    However, at Quirky Digital, we don’t just get any links - we aim to get the best links possible. Getting poor-quality links can actually be bad for SEO, so we ensure all links we acquire are relevant and high-quality.

    When it comes to SEO, it’s best to implement a strategy sooner rather than later. Although SEO can bring a business new life, it’s far better to use it to grow a business rather than save a business.


    If your website isn’t ranking as well as it used to, or you created a new web design and lost your rankings and organic traffic, or you’re simply unsure what to do when it comes to SEO, you’re sure to benefit from our expert SEO services.

    SEO is definitely worth the money. SEO has countless benefits for your eCommerce business, from an increase in traffic to more sales and an improved reputation.


    Rankings can not be bought, they are earned - and earning high rankings shows Google and your potential customers that you are a quality and respectable business.

    In the UK, pricing for eCommerce SEO services tend to start from £1,500 and can cost upwards of £10,000 per month. When it comes to eCommerce SEO, you will typically require a blend of technical SEO, link building and content writing – so if you are comparing packages, ensure it has been tailored towards your business.