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About Liam Quirk

This is who I am & what I do...

Your Digital Consultant

I am here to help SMEs take their businesses to the next level.

On this page, you’ll find out why I am so passionate about helping those with a small marketing budget compete with the big players in their industry.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.
Here's a quote from the great Steve Jobs...

"The only way to do great work is to do what you love."

I truly love what I do and this is why I am different to the majority in this industry. Ultimately, I grew up when social media was taking over peoples lives – but I have learnt how to use this to my advantage, and have now helped numerous businesses take on the digital world.

About Quirky Digital

I started off in the online marketing world back in high school and a few days after doing my GCSE’s, I found myself at a cross-roads… get some A-Levels and go to uni or launch myself into an industry which I was fascinated with in my early teenage years.

Luckily I went for the latter and found myself walking into local shops and messaging random people on Facebook asking them if I can help them get found online!

After a few months of trying to re-sell SquareSpace websites to people, I finally managed to get myself an apprenticeship which put me on the right path to start my career.

Despite my age, my knowledge has allowed me to work on and manage the accounts of some of the most exciting businesses in the UK.

From helping grow local companies to managing campaigns with significant budgets, this has given me massive experience & understanding of every aspect of the industry.

Whether it’s getting you on the first page of Google, making sure your paid advertising campaigns are fully optimised or marketing your remarkable content – I will ALWAYS go above and beyond to make sure goals are met.

If you instruct me to carry out online marketing on your behalf, then you can be sure that you won’t get any more false promises and you can leave one of the most difficult parts of growing a business in a reliable pair of hands.


I have worked with some really exciting businesses

Here are just some of them