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Quirky Digital are a leading SEO agency with skin in the game, ready to get their hands dirty with your SEO audits, spotting and rectifying your issues promptly.

Fix the hidden issues with SEO audits

SEO audits are often behind-the-scenes issues that businesses and customers will not see. However, they can be very slyly impacting and harming your rankings on Google without your knowledge.

An SEO audit is used to identify problems with your website, whether they are things you can or cannot see. No two audits are the same, as your website’s rankings and low organic traffic could be affected by all different types of problems.

That’s why at Quirky Digital, we want to go under the hood of your website, give your website a full scan, look at the data, and give you actionable recommendations on how to improve your performance for long-term growth.

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    Identify, prevent, and thrive

    When you choose Quirky Digital as your SEO audit service provider, the entire process will help your business to:

    What do our SEO audit services include?

    We don’t just mope around and focus on the problems at hand; we see every issue as an opportunity to improve your website’s search visibility on the Google search engine. Instead of playing defence with your website, we play offence with your strategy to ensure you’re an industry leader. Our specialist team can conduct audits in a wide range of different circumstances. Here is what you can expect from our in-house technical SEO team:

    Investigation into traffic loss and declines

    These types of audits are where you’re typically seeing a lot of traffic and keywords dropping off on your website and don’t understand why. That’s where we come in. We will find the exact issue or issues that you’re facing and present a solution that will see traffic turn itself around.

    Audits for opportunities

    You may be at a point where you’re doing okay, but your traffic may have stagnated or you just feel as though your business can perform better. Well, our crafty team will strategise clever ways to increase your organic visibility through a bespoke audit, whether that be schema, untapped keyword opportunities, implementing technical excellence across the website, etc.

    Internationalisation audit

    As a business owner, you may be thinking that you’re ready to move into international markets but have no data to really see if it’ll be successful. That’s why, at Quirky Digital, we will carry out an international audit to see the current site’s readiness to go nationwide. We look at keywords, technical issues, backlinks, and more to see if it’s going to succeed nationally.

    Off-page audit (technical audit)

    We don’t just look at the on-page problems; we can do a complete off-page audit for your website too. This could include looking at your backlink profile, looking at your competitors to see how to gain good backlinks, how to find good backlinks on your own, untapped link-building strategies, and the different types of backlinks that’d suit you.

    Pre-migration audits

    Say you’re moving your entire website to a completely new location, but you don’t know whether your traffic, visibility, and brand awareness will carry over. This is where we can help ease the transition by investigating information and looking at the architecture to determine the most appropriate IA for your upcoming migration, your keyword mapping, and many more technical aspects to ensure minimal traffic loss but maximal opportunity.

    Our approach for SEO audits

    If you’re aligned with one of the SEO audit services that we provide, you may want to know the way we’re going to carry out our work. Here’s our approach that will be tailored to you:

    Understanding your goals and objectives

    The first and very important step in our approach is to listen to what you have to say. We want you to tell us what’s wrong and what your goals and objectives with the SEO audit are. This way, we can best choose the right type of audit that will cater to your goals as a company to create a better user experience, and ultimately boost your search engine rankings.

    Be put in touch with an expert

    Once we know what’s wrong and what your goals and objectives are, we will then personally put you through to one of our dedicated team members, who will be there for you to speak to, assigned to look at exactly what you’re telling us, along with any more problems we can find that we may raise with you.

    Investigate the opportunities

    Here at Quirky Digital, we love turning negatives into positives, and it’s the same with SEO audits. The more that is wrong sometimes, the more opportunities you have to really thrive in your industry, and we have the talent within our SEO agency to be able to find those opportunities for you.

    Present what we found from the audit

    No matter the type of SEO audit we carry out on your website, we will always come back to you with some real insight into what you can do to improve and grow your business online. We will find the opportunities and then provide you with helpful, actionable advice and tell you how to best fix it.

    Your search for professional SEO audit services finishes here

    If you’re unsure at times what goes on behind the scenes with your website and what Google is looking for to get the best results, it probably means you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to be seen when you could be a potential industry leader online.

    We don’t just put your website through SEO audit tools and call it a day. We conduct a full technical analysis of your website through automated and manual audits. Without this attention to detail, we know we wouldn’t be serving you the best way we could.

    That’s why we make sure our SEO audits actually provide real value and add growth and opportunity to your business. If you think you’re in need of an SEO audit and your website isn’t performing the way you want it to, get in touch with our expert SEO team by calling us at 0151 662 0152, or click below to get yours booked in today!

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