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An award-winning international SEO agency that will give you a competitive edge, no matter where you are in the world, with strategies designed to gain global visibility.

Taking your business to the world stage

Bridging the gap between where you currently are as a business and where you could be on a global stage can be a daunting task. However, if you’re not willing to dream big, you could be missing out on new opportunities, customers, and clients that could change the trajectory of your company forever.

That’s where international SEO services come in. With a solid plan in place and SEO experts at your fingertips, you really can begin to reap the rewards of sales and conversions in every region and country you operate in.

At Quirky Digital, first of all, we want you to recognise your potential, but we also want to be direct and ensure that this is the best decision for your company. Therefore, if you feel as though global customers and competitors are something you want to wrestle with, our team of SEO professionals is more than happy to curate a plan of action for you to become an industry leader worldwide.

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    The main benefits of our SEO services

    If you’re currently trying to sell your products or services to a worldwide audience or feel as though your business has the potential to gain global visibility, an international SEO strategy really is the linchpin for how you’re going to get there. Here’s why:

    This is just scratching the surface of the benefits you will feel once you’re visible to your worldwide target market and a well-thought-out, tailored global SEO campaign can help you achieve your goals and become a reality to reach the heights you knew you could reach.

    International SEO services for global visibility

    To really take advantage of a global stage, you have to have world-class SEO strategies in place to make sure you’re making an impact in global search, rather than just settling for ‘okay’ results. Here are some of the international SEO services you can expect our talented team to deliver:

    Technical SEO for your targeted locations

    We will make sure that your website is easy to find on international search engines, making sure it can be crawled by search engine robots. A technical SEO analysis, schema markup, mobile optimisation, site speed, and many more services will all be on our radar when making you a global leader in your niche.

    Keyword research for multiple markets

    What someone searches for in one country may not be what someone else searches for in another, so taking a multi-faceted approach to keyword research is essential. We will find keywords that are relevant and high in demand for all regions and countries that you want to target so you'll be found with ease, wherever you want to be seen.

    On-page considerations for different languages

    Duplicate content for the same page in a different language will still be classified as plagiarism, so we have to be aware of creating unique, SEO-friendly content that will get you seen internationally without penalisation. That’s why our on-page specialists will always be on top of your most important money pages to ensure that they’re of the highest quality.

    Complete domain re-structuring

    We will implement a website domain re-structure that allows people from different countries to land on your site in their native language. Whether it is ccTLDs, gTLDs, or parameters will depend on your website, but we’ll make sure that it’s the one that suits your needs and performance the best.

    Your tailored approach, our international SEO company

    It is no good to give you a basic international SEO strategy that everyone can mimic. We, at Quirky Digital, make sure that attention to detail is a priority and that you’re getting the best value from our services. Here is the tailored process your company will be put through:

    Gauging your international goals and markets

    For such an important strategy, we must know your goals and what countries and regions you want to target. Without this, we can’t push to make your vision a reality and make you visible in the places you want to be visible. This is a team effort and we need you to be in the loop!

    Running an international SEO audit

    When we run both an automated and manual international audit for your website, we will cover any important ranking factors that may help you appear higher in Google search results. However, it will also identify any glaring and minor issues and opportunities you have right now, so we can jump on them right away.

    Assessing global competition

    If you’re going from a local SEO campaign or national SEO services to international SEO, your competitors are going to vary and become a lot more prominent. We run a detailed analysis of your global competition to ensure that we can not only take from what they do well and spin it in our own way but also identify creative gaps on where we can beat them.

    Complete keyword research & reports

    As we said earlier, keywords in one country may not matter in another country. Therefore, we put together multiple reports and research from the countries and regions you want to hit, so we can put together a plan on how we’re going to rank for relevant and high-volume keywords in all of them, not just the country you reside in.

    Creating high-quality content

    Using all of the keyword research data, we put together multiple different content plans for each country and/or region. This way, our content specialists can use their expertise and knowledge of the search engines to push your content towards your target audience and the top of Google, no matter the language.

    Authoritative and diverse link-building

    The great thing about having an international SEO strategy in place is that you can obtain links from multiple countries. This means we can build up your authority and trustworthiness in multiple different countries through digital PR to become globally recognised as one of the most sought-after companies worldwide.

    Become a global sensation with our international SEO agency

    Creating multi-lingual approaches for your customers and clients isn’t an easy task and it can become very overwhelming very quickly. If the right practices and considerations aren’t taken, your entire website can not only be slowed down but can also be massively hit by Google’s algorithm and drop your traffic by a substantial amount.

    Now, to ensure that isn’t the case and you’re always looking ahead for opportunities rather than worrying about what could happen if you expand too broadly, Quirky Digital is here to stand by your side through the entire process, start to finish.

    We are an award-winning company that has worked and succeeded with a diverse range of international clients and understands what it takes to become a global sensation through Google search engines. If you want to contact us about how you can make this happen, call us at 0151 662 0152 or ‘get a quote’ below to let us know about your exciting project!

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