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Looking to take your website traffic to the next level? We are Liverpool's #1 SEO agency and will ensure that potential customers find your website first.

Want to get your website ranking higher on Google?

Every business should have a website, and every business should be conducting SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

We believe that it is the art of getting your website to the top of search engine results pages or SERPs. We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right SEO Liverpool provider. There are several things you can use to measure the worthiness of an SEO provider, but the results they offer is one of the only things that really matter.

We stand by the results we deliver to our clients and are proud of the excellent quality service we offer. We have complete confidence that we can help you and your business succeed in an online world.

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    Liverpool businesses count on us

    Is your website stuck down low in search results? Are you not getting enough traffic or ranking improvements from your current SEO provider? We can complete an audit to discover why that’s happened and, more importantly, help you overcome it.

    You can count on us to take care of all aspects of SEO. We are experts in local SEO, national and international SEO, and eCommerce SEO.

    There’s no business or website too big or too small for us either, as we have worked with one-man bands and blue-chip companies.

    SEO is more than just advertising

    Some people have an image of SEO being advertising – but this isn’t the case. Although it’s true that SEO should be considered a vital part of any marketing strategy, SEO is much different from traditional advertising.

    SEO offers “organic” results, which means that you don’t pay per click like you would with Google Ads. Organic SEO is much more than just ranking websites for singular keywords.

    One thing that makes SEO so important is that a lot of people looking for your products and services don’t know you exist. If they did, they wouldn’t need to use a search engine – in fact, around 85% of all people looking for your business won’t know it exists.

    Google works by offering personalised search results to people in Liverpool. This means that if you can reach that 85% of people who don’t know you exist and aren’t ready to buy just yet, then you can influence them when the time comes.

    Want to know how SEO can work for your Liverpool business?

    You’re probably interested in SEO by now if you’ve gotten this far – so here is an example of how SEO can work for you and deliver the results you need.
    Most people search before buying a product
    Most people buy local because they trust local

    The purchase process has changed a lot in recent decades. The majority of consumers start the purchasing process by searching online. We all do it - have you ever searched how to do something on the internet? Googled where they sell the best trainers? Or searched for the nearest coffee shop? We’re all connected to the internet and constantly searching for answers.

    Examples of SEO services provided

    Are you looking for SEO services in Liverpool? In this section, you can find that we cover everything that you need to ensure your site ranks highly.

    Website auditing

    Every good SEO service begins with auditing to see where you currently stand. We will assess your current on-page and technical SEO, including website coding, server setup, hosting, keywords, on-page SEO, and content strategy. Identifying potential gaps in the process gives us an idea of what to do next.

    Taking care of quick wins

    Although we primarily focus on long-term strategy, we may be able to deliver some quick wins in the process. Optimising your SEO content for quick results without compromising the long-term plan is critical. We make some changes to on-page content and SEO to deliver the results you want.

    Improve search visibility

    We want to ensure that your business is as close to the top of search engine results pages as possible. This includes ranking for the right terms – there’s no point in having a high ranking for an ineffective keyword or phrase.

    Local search

    Ranking high in results pages on a national level might not get you the local results you were hoping for. We understand that local SEO Liverpool should focus on getting results for your local audience.

    Finding the right SEO partner

    At Quirky Digital, we pride ourselves on the quality services we offer and the results that we deliver to our clients. No matter the size of your Liverpool business, we have confidence that we can help your business grow and succeed online.

    Our Liverpool-based team would love to hear from you about how we can help your business succeed. If you have any questions, let us know – but we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to our service below.

    SEO doesn’t generally deliver instant results – instead, you should expect to see long-term, consistent results that are sustainable. You may see a difference within a few months, and feel the benefits within a year of implementing an expert SEO strategy.

    SEO requires consistency, dedication, and patience – all of which pays off. It’s one of the most cost-effective methods to increase traffic and leads.

    Although you’re paying for the service, the traffic coming to your site is essentially free with an SEO strategy. However, paid ads require you to pay per click. Although PPC can generate quick results, SEO is a much better option for long-term, consistent results.

    When you pay for an ad, your website may be shown on the page, but it will say that it is an ad. Firstly, you’ll have to pay each time somebody clicks on the ad, regardless of whether they make a purchase. Secondly, many people will avoid clicking the advertised websites because they don’t know that they are reliable – they haven’t earned their place at the top of the SERPS, they’ve simply bought it.