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The biggest CMS, the best results

WordPress is renowned for being the most popular CMS (content management system) that businesses use all over the globe, with there being over 474 million sites on their platform (as of June 2024).

Now, you may be thinking, “If everyone is using it, how am I going to stand out and make a name for myself?” Well, the CMS is only a stepping stone to getting people to view your site through the Google search engine.

WordPress is one of the best CMS for website functionality, but without great SEO strategies in place, it wouldn’t matter how well your website looks or feels. Yet, with our years of experience working with WordPress SEO campaigns, we know what works in order to gain more organic traffic and clicks to your website.

At Quirky Digital, our WordPress SEO experts, whether that be technical or creative work, will flourish with whatever is handed to them, keeping you in the loop of exactly how we lay the foundations, and what we’re going to do to carry out a tailored SEO strategy that will only work for your WordPress website.

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    Why do you need a WordPress SEO agency?

    You’ve got to think of your website as your anchor. Every piece of business that is done will flow through it. Every eyeball and potential customer that is looking for what you do will flow through it. Every person who is looking for a credible company in your field will see your work.

    There’s nothing more important than a great website – and an SEO-friendly one is just the dial that can turn the number of people who can see it way up. When you work with us, you can expect your website to:

    A recent WordPress case study with an 105% increase in organic leads

    This law firm required a WordPress SEO agency that could help them become an industry leader nationally and generate leads through their website.
    Law Firm SEO

    Our approach to getting you more business through WordPress

    The main difference between our approach and others is that we won’t just do the things we’re going to list below. Our professional WordPress SEO consultants, instead, will make sure that every aspect of this approach is meticulously thought out and pay massive attention to every detail along the way.

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach with us—we believe every website has unique potential. We use our approach to ensure that when you receive our WordPress SEO services, you start to feel the joy of and get used to being a high-performing website once and for all:

    Learning about you and your goals

    Instead of just taking over and leaving you no say in the SEO strategy, we want to make sure that you’re part of the process. Your goals and objectives are the cornerstone of our strategy. What you want to achieve for your website and business becomes our priority.

    Auditing your WordPress website

    Using top-notch SEO automation tools and manual SEO audits on your WordPress website, we make sure that we cover your entire website, scanning for any errors and making a note of them for our team to fix. Whether it’s technical issues, broken links, or unoptimised content, we look at it all.

    Researching your competitors

    Whether it’s other content management systems or not, looking at your competitors is vital along the way to creating an SEO strategy worth considering. Not only can you use certain tactics from them, but you can also see where they’re underperforming, so you can outperform.

    Completing keyword research

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses out there that write content that no one ever searches for. They believe that the content is great, which it may be, but if no one searches for it, then no one will see it. We find top-of-the-range, relevant keywords that we can begin to drop in for that will bring eyes and sales to your business.

    Completing technical SEO fixes

    Whether you have broken links that don’t work on your site, your website loads slowly, or you simply don’t have indexed pages, we make sure we put together a plan to make all the necessary fixes within our SEO strategy so your website can begin to run smoother.

    Creating bespoke content plans

    Regardless of the sector that you’re in, we will create a unique content plan for you that focuses on bringing more eyes, clicks, and conversions to your WordPress website with relevant blog posts and pages. Whether it’s new content or we optimise previous content, we’re here to boost it all!

    Gaining reputable backlinks

    Without a great backlink profile, your WordPress SEO strategy won’t be able to pick up any momentum. We take pride in our outreach process and make sure we only get the best backlinks from reputable and growing sources that will bring more notoriety to your company.

    Constant optimisation

    When we discuss strategies with our current WordPress clients, we make sure to tell them that one thing is going to work and then it’ll work forever. SEO is a changing and dynamic industry that needs constant monitoring and with our SEO specialists being perfectionists, we only settle for continued improvements on your site.

    Your expert WordPress SEO agency, Quirky Digital

    With WordPress still being the most popular CMS and showing no signs of slowing down, along with the continued development and popularity of websites among businesses, now is the time when there’s more opportunity than ever… but it’s harder to stand out than ever.

    With our WordPress SEO services, we’re bringing years of experience as an SEO agency, along with a flawless reputation, to you with endless case studies with this CMS. We have the full range of clients who use WordPress, from small businesses to large organisations—no job scares us; opportunities are noticed instead.

    At Quirky Digital, we pride ourselves on innovation, loyalty, being direct, and being ambitious. This is no different when we work with WordPress sites, as we’re only looking for ways to improve your website, boost your visibility, and stick by your side.

    If you’re interested in beginning WordPress search engine optimisation with us today and want to stand out from your competitors and really make a name for yourself on Google and, as a byproduct, other platforms, get in touch with our team here today by calling 0151 662 0152 or clicking the button below to get a quote. We look forward to hearing about your project!