SEO Manchester

Looking to take your business to the next level? We will ensure that local customers find your website first.

Why your Manchester business needs SEO

No matter where in Manchester your business is based, you are going to have competition – and online competition is no exception.

To generate more leads, you want to show up on Google search results. You want to be the first thing that people see when they search for your business or industry on Google – and Quirky Digital can help you get there.

If your website is far down the list of search results, you’re not getting enough traffic, or you simply don’t know where to begin, we can figure out what is going wrong and come up with a tailored SEO strategy to help your business flourish online.

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    The benefits of using SEO in Manchester

    Although SEO is an integral part of any marketing, it is much more than just advertising. It is understanding consumer behaviour, improving user experience, generating leads, understanding competition, building an online presence, and so much more.

    The benefits of SEO are far greater than simply closing a few sales. SEO can help to generate organic results, meaning that you don’t have to pay to advertise your products or website. Instead of paying Google, we work with Google to improve your ranking.

    We can get your business noticed – most people that will come across your business online won’t know it exists. They won’t find you by searching your business name, but rather by searching certain keywords associated with your industry, such as products and services you sell.

    We can work with Google to ensure that your site will show up when people search the relevant terms wherever you’re based in Manchester, growing your online presence.

    Understanding what your potential customers are searching for is key to optimizing your site, and our expert analytics system can help us to understand your consumers’ behaviour. At Quirky Digital, we can find out what will work for your business and what won’t – we understand that every business is different and may benefit from different strategies.

    How Quirky Digital can help your business

    Ranking for Google can be competitive in the Manchester area, but Quirky Digital can ensure your website is not only generating traffic but securing leads with our quality SEO services.

    Keyword research

    One of the first steps of our SEO campaigns is keyword research. It can take some time to understand the best keywords for your business, and our concentrated approach will find the best terms to direct people to your website.

    Quality content

    Content should be relevant, interesting, and accurate - which is why our content writing experts produce original and quality content for any industry. They will continually add fresh and engaging content to your website.

    Social media

    Social media gives your business the opportunity to connect with customers and build your brand identity. We can help to build your online presence, boost your reputation, and improve your social media approach in general.

    Website analysis

    Our quality website analysis will ensure that your content and code is up to scratch by identifying any SEO issues. Whether it be loading times, poor or duplicate content, our analysis will pick up on it and improve the performance of your site.

    Advanced reporting

    We keep track of how well certain keywords are performing, which allows us to refine our strategy to get the best possible results. Whether we track traffic, location, search results position, or organic visibility, we will do our best to continually improve our SEO campaigns.

    Expert strategy

    Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach - we will research your business and industry to ensure that we create the best strategy for your business.SEO should be at the heart of any business, and our strategy can ensure you’re ranking for the most relevant search terms.

    Finding the right SEO agency in Manchester

    Manchester is full of quality businesses, and it can be hard to compete. In one quick walk through Manchester, you’ll find small businesses, multinational businesses, local businesses, and brand new businesses. How are you going to make your business stand out online when there is so much competition? The first step you can take is to call us for an initial consultation.

    We are experts at local SEO as well as national and international SEO, and no matter how big or small your Manchester business is, we can offer you our expert SEO services.

    We have extensive experience in helping businesses of all sizes rank in Manchester and the surrounding areas – we can help you outrank your local competition and dominate the search results. Whether you want our services on a monthly basis or you want a more permanent solution, we can deliver exceptional results so you don’t have to settle for the fifth page on Google. Our team in the North West would love to hear from you – we can find out exactly how we can help your business succeed.

    Although it’s possible to do your own SEO, it’s generally best to leave it to the experts. You may actually do more harm than good - hiring us will ensure that we keep up with the latest algorithms and updates, and don’t break any online regulations.
    SEO is a process - you can’t expect instant results. However, at Quirky Digital, we offer long-term sustainable results to ensure that your business stays ranking. Although it varies from business to business, you can expect to see real results within half a year.
    The parts of SEO that you should focus on really depend on your business. At Quirky Digital, we will research your company, complete relevant analytics, and create an expert strategy tailored to your company.