Why Business Owners in Liverpool Should Use an SEO Company

In 2023, your business will struggle without SEO – even local businesses. Since search engines were created, SEO has helped drive traffic and increase leads.

More people are using the internet than ever to discover new businesses and services, so if your only marketing method is putting yourself in the yellow pages, it’s time to get an SEO team.

In Liverpool, there are hundreds and hundreds of businesses, and you’ve probably only heard of 5% of them. If you want to be seen when someone searches Accountants Liverpool, or Mortgage Broker Liverpool, then SEO can help you out.

Keep reading to find out why SEO is so important, and why you need an SEO campaign if you’re a business owner in Liverpool.


What is SEO?

If you’re completely new to the world of SEO, then you should start by knowing what it stands for – search engine optimisation.

SEO is essentially the process of getting your website ranking higher on search engines so people will see your site before your competitors’ sites.

Search engines like Google have certain requirements for your website to rank, and they have to match the algorithm.

The better your business is at understanding and complying with these requirements, the higher your website will rank and more people will see it when searching certain terms.

90% of the world uses Google as a search engine, so it’s clear that Google is the most popular choice.

The reason it’s so popular is that it gives the right results to people based on what they search for and shows the best websites first, which means you must stick to their rules if you want to increase traffic to your site.

A big part of SEO is increasing the authority of your website.

This can be done by using backlinks – links from higher ranking websites to your site will increase your ranking, but links to and from lower ranking sites can lower it – so always be careful where you’re linking.



A huge chunk of people using search engines will use their mobile phones to do so, so it’s important that your website is suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

It can negatively affect your ranking if your website isn’t optimised.

You should also regularly review backlinks to and from your site, as broken links can negatively impact your authority.

Many SEO specialists prefer to use natural backlinks, but others prefer to use outreach to gain links. This can be in the form of link exchanges, paid links, or writing guest posts for other blogs or businesses with links to your site.

Linking internally within your own site is also a powerful SEO strategy, so consider doing this. For example, if you’re writing about pet care, create a link to another article you’ve done on a similar topic – but make sure that it flows well.

It’s also beneficial to include links to your social media. On most content management systems, you’ll be able to add social media buttons that will direct your customer to your social media platform.



Another key aspect of SEO is content – if it’s readable and engaging, then your customers will stay on the site for longer, and hopefully, explore other pages. This will improve your domain ranking, and increase traffic.

Proper use of headings (H1 and H2) will keep your site optimised. Keyword research should also be conducted beforehand so the right keywords are used in your content.

The keywords should relate to your niche or business, so ensure that they don’t stick out in your article.

A clear layout with optimized images and structured paragraphs will work a lot better than a cluttered design with incorrect headings and mismatched images.


How Will SEO Help My Liverpool Business?

Now you know about SEO and what it is, it’s time to find out how it can help your company.

One of the biggest reasons why so many businesses spend time improving their websites SEO is that it gets more site traffic, and ultimately, more customers and sales.

When you Google something, chances are you’ll only look at the first few results.

Your brain will class anything after the first page as unreliable, which is why it’s important to rank higher – so your website will be listed in the first few results.

Boosting your SEO is a free way of boosting leads without the need for paid advertisements. In a typical ad campaign, you’d determine whether you want your ad to be seen in a newspaper, on the radio, tv, etc, and then you’d pay the company to show your ad.

With SEO, you’re cutting out the middleman (and the cost) and getting your site noticed by hard work, organic traffic, and following the search engines regulations.

SEO isn’t just a way of getting traffic to your site – it’s a way of getting your content and products seen by your target audience. For local businesses especially, this is very beneficial for you and your customers.

Whether you’re a store selling products or a local business that offers services, having a strong online presence gives your customers easier access to you.

Google and other search engines will direct users to the best, most user-friendly sites – so practising SEO will not only boost web traffic but will encourage you to give your customers the best viewing experience possible.



SEO should be an integral part of any business operation in 2023. It encourages you to make your online presence as user-friendly as possible and can have a huge impact on your business growth by boosting leads and sales.

It can be very difficult handling SEO alone if you have no experience – and hiring a full-time staff member or team to work on your SEO can be risky and very expensive.

If you need quality SEO services for your Liverpool business, then get in touch with us here. We work with national and local businesses, so get in touch to find out what we can do to help your online presence.

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