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Your business deserves an SEO company who treats your competition like their competition.

Prepare for additional revenue on your Shopify Store

If you have a Shopify store that you’re taking care of but are looking to increase visibility and revenue to your website – you must look closer into the SEO of your website domain. An online store can be stressful to run and that is why a Shopify SEO company may be top of mind for you right now.

Many businesses who advertise their products using Shopify will often use paid advertising as their main revenue stream in order to reap sales. However, an organic website strategy should never be dismissed when you’re looking to create a successful, long-term business.

Here at Quirky Digital, we are supremely confident in our ability to increase the traffic to your Shopify store by boosting your rankings on Google – no matter the current state of your company. Whether you’re a small, medium or large-sized business, our professional SEO company Shopify services will become the cornerstone of your marketing performance.

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    Why SEO works wonders for Shopify Stores

    With eCommerce platforms becoming plenty to cater for the number of online businesses being created nowadays, this field is slowly becoming one of the most competitive, yet fun spaces to be a part of. Companies begin to stress when they see others competing alongside them, but we see this as an opportunity to rank you higher on Google than all of the others.

    As Shopify SEO experts, we understand that there are a myriad of different avenues that you can attack within your SEO strategy. This can be due to the sheer number of products you have available, giving us a chance to boost your rankings for multiple product pages.

    On the other hand, if you create topical relevance in your line of work with quality content marketing with the help of our profound writing experts, this will further enhance your authority – assisting you in becoming the go-to business for any up-and-coming news within your niche.

    Content is worthless if it isn’t made to rank and that is what our Shopify SEO agency focuses on religiously. Partnering this with a tailor-made link-building strategy that is well thought out and obtains some serious results will make your company stand out from the rest.

    At Quirky Digital, we are stubborn with the backlinks we provide for our clients as we know that quality will always beat quantity in this case. Unlike others, we won’t settle until we’re happy that our clients are going to be 100% satisfied with the SEO for Shopify services we’re providing.

    Want to see what we've done for other Shopify stores?

    Discover more about how we helped one of the UK's most ambitious wine storage retailers become the leading player in their market by increasing their organic sales by 345% in less than 6 months on their Shopify store. 🚀
    Shopify Store Case Study

    Our pioneered approach to ranking your Shopify Store on Google

    Understanding your goals

    Every business has a vision they see themselves reaching and growth is always a factor in this. We always speak extensively with our new clients to gauge where they want to take their business using Shopify SEO services – thus, we can buy into their ideas. The Quirky team then go away and devise a tailored plan to implement for the best results, suited to their objectives.

    Auditing Your Shopify Store

    Using our tried and tested tools, we will perform an SEO audit on your online store to view what your current performance related to search results is looking like. This unique data gives us everything we need to see what problems your website is facing to make necessary fixes.

    Extensive competitor analysis

    As you’re a product-based business, you’re going to be in a niche that other businesses will be looking to grow in. Therefore, we will look at other competitors and identify the gaps and opportunities presented to rank above their websites.

    Appropriate keyword variations

    Within our discussion, we will talk about some key topic clusters that you want to rank for. This gives us an excellent outlook on what type of keywords we want to focus on. Every keyword we choose during keyword research will be high volume and relatable to everything you want to rank for – making for a structured, streamlined content strategy.

    Distinctive content marketing

    Using our dependable keyword research methods gives us the edge to create unique content for any Shopify brand. If the content is relevant, has high-volume keywords and expertise to match – you will start to see an influx of customers on your website.


    Our Quirky SEO experts will then reach out to high-end businesses and websites that will help the growth of your business – by creating contextual backlinks on these sites to all of the writing provided by our specialists. As we said earlier, only high-quality backlinks are supplied in our policy, as anything short of our best is not good enough for our clients.

    We want to become your long-term Shopify SEO company

    In previous experiences you’ve had (if any at all) – you may have noticed that some companies will promise you the world and end up denting your rankings in a state worse than you were in before signing up with them.

    However, here at Quirky Digital, we pride ourselves on actionable results, along with case studies/testimonials to showcase what we can do. The proof is in the pudding as you can see from our personal rankings and the companies we’ve helped rise to the top… and are continuing to do so.

    SEO is not for everyone, but we know we have what it takes to help transform your Shopify store into one of the leading brands within your industry. If you’re not currently working with an SEO agency, we’d love for you to book a consultation with us so we can gain a better understanding of your ambitions.

    Yet, if you’re looking to switch SEO providers, we’re more than happy to complete an onsite review and show you the areas we think we could improve your rankings and conversion rate – compared to the current state of affairs. Get in touch with our experienced and hungry team today!