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Turn idle scrollers into paying customers

E-commerce has absolutely boomed over the past few years since online shopping has become a more regular and common occurrence. And with so many people being online, whether that be on social media, scrolling through ads, or looking at websites for their favourite items, online sales have also skyrocketed.

Yet, with the added competition for places, it is now harder than ever to stand out above other Shopify and eCommerce websites if you want to start converting your audience. Often, you’ll see stores spam ads on social media platforms to get quick wins, but ultimately have no backbone and go bust within a short timeframe.

However, if you’re looking for a long-term, sustainable growing Shopify store, generating an audience and high-paying customers with our Shopify SEO services will be exactly what you need to ensure you are not only seen on social media but also through the Google search results.

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    Why your store needs Shopify SEO services

    Apart from the fact that there are over 4.4 million Shopify stores already out there and over 400 million websites active right now on Google, there are also so many people thriving and generating mass amounts of revenue through their online stores.

    In fact, the successful people who have Shopify websites had a total of 675 million buyers in 2023. What this shows is that if you’re ahead of the game and willing to do things that other store owners aren’t, you’re going to stand out from the crowd.

    With Quirky Digital, there’s no get-rich-quick BS—we just want to provide you with a Shopify SEO strategy that, over time, will make you an industry leader with customers ready to give you money due to your skin in the game. Here are some other notable benefits of choosing our Shopify SEO agency:

    Organic Shopify store sales increased by 345% in 6 months

    This wine brand required a Shopify SEO agency that could produce a strategy that would build trust with Google and boost sales and conversions on their store.
    Kitchen Appliance SEO

    Shopify SEO services to skyrocket your website

    Although Shopify has great drag-and-drop features and incredible sales features for both your products and upsells, SEO is really the core of fine-tuning your website so you can be seen online. When working with us, here are some of the services you can expect from our crafty SEO specialists:

    On-page optimisation

    If you’ve never re-visited the pages that you’ve created for your products, collections, and blog posts before, this is where on-page optimisation can be of great help. Our talented on-page experts will manually view your pages and use advantageous SEO tools to boost the visibility of your pages, products, collections, and blog posts to your target audience on Google.

    Technical SEO

    On-page optimisation is the stuff you can see, but technical SEO is the details that only Google can see, which heavily impacts your rankings. Our team will make sure that things like site speed, ALT text, duplicate content, 404 errors, and more are no more, giving you the best chance of a free-flowing, SEO-friendly store.

    Link-building strategies

    One of the forgotten practices within SEO is off-page link-building strategies and structure. If you have PR campaigns and credible and authoritative websites linking to your products, along with internal links to show Google your most important product or collection, the only direction your rankings will go is up.

    Creating fresh, SEO-friendly content

    Whether this is new product descriptions, highly sought-after and queried blog posts in your industry, or writing collection pages, our team here at Quirky Digital makes sure that your content is not only easy to read, helpful, and informative, but is also optimised for the Google algorithm in a way that eyes will flood to your website.

    Google My Business

    If people cannot see that you have a place of work, a telephone number, or an address on Google, along with your collections/products not being easily accessible, then not only are your potential customers going to be sceptical of your legitimacy, but they’re going to find it harder than it needs to be to purchase your products. Implementing a GMB can ensure that you’re an authoritative business on Google within your industry.

    Our detailed approach for maximum results on Shopify

    Here at Quirky Digital, we have a very particular approach for Shopify stores, and although all the changes, fixes, and opportunities will be tailored to you, we will be able to get a good read of the unique SEO services you will need using our approach:

    Getting a feel for your business goals

    As an eCommerce business, we obviously have an inkling that your main goals are traffic and conversions, but getting really clear about what it is you want to achieve helps us formulate the exact strategy of how we’re going to make this happen together.

    Auditing your Shopify store

    We will carry out a manual and automated SEO audit on your Shopify site to see if there are any fixes that need to be actioned right away, or, any opportunities that can be taken within your industry.

    Extensive competitor analysis

    If we don’t know who your competitors are, then we can’t see what works and doesn’t work for your business on Google. Looking at their performance can allow us to make decisions about what they do well and how we can improve and get ahead of them by finding gaps in their strategies.

    Appropriate keyword variations

    Using our keyword research tools and knack for understanding an array of industries, we are confident that we can identify high-performing and high-volume keywords—ones that people actually care about, so you’re not writing content that no one searches for.

    Crafting SEO-optimised content

    Now that we are in the know about what people search for within your industry, this is where our highly skilled team of copywriting experts takes over. Now, they will have a structured plan of content to write based on what is going to get you the most traffic and conversions for your Shopify store.

    Making sure you become an industry leader

    Our skillful outreach team will then be on hand to ensure that you become an industry leader through link building and digital PR. We put a strategy in place to build your authority and trustworthiness by having your brand all over relevant, high-performing, and leading websites within your niche.

    An SEO agency with a knack for Shopify stores

    At Quirky Digital, our eCommerce strategy is one that we enjoy very much, and with multiple Shopify clients, we know what makes Google happy when it comes to providing you with more sales and conversions.

    If you choose us, you’re choosing an award-winning agency that is not only loyal, ambitious, direct, and innovative, but you’re also choosing a company that deeply cares about the performance of your store. We have an untouchable reputation for a reason—we take pride in making sure every aspect of your store is set up for success.

    Whether you’re a company selling classy watches to middle-aged men or a fashion brand with a younger target audience, we can cater to it all. Taking advantage of this amazing e-commerce platform is one thing, but taking advantage of the biggest search engine worldwide with over 99,000 search queries every second – we want you to reap the rewards.

    To get in touch with our Shopify SEO experts today about how you can begin your SEO campaign with us, call us on 0151 662 0152 or get a quote below!