The Importance Of SEO for Software/Saas Companies

The Importance of SEO for Software/Saas Companies

Appearing at the top of Google search results gives you authority over anyone in your respected niche, as you’re seen in the highest position.

Software and SaaS companies across the world are providing incredibly valuable services (especially in this modern digital era)… but are not as visible online as they should be.

Of course, focusing on your service to ensure that it serves the finest results for your clients is imperative, but seeking opportunities to put your company out into the world wide web for people to see is equally as important for leads and future business success.

As a way to remedy this, a top-of-the-funnel SEO strategy that aligns with your personal goals as a SaaS company will assure that you obtain relevant traffic from a search-related list of keywords.

Carry on reading to acquire an even deeper understanding of the importance of SEO for Software/SaaS businesses!


What Does SEO For SaaS Look Like?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique that businesses use in unison with Google and other search engines, where it will break down a multitude of technical SEO facets that determine the ranking factors of your website within your niche.

Although most SaaS companies will have a website up and running, SEO for SaaS often doesn’t even cross their minds.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a laid-out approach to how you’re going to boost your website performance – you will never see relevant traffic purchase your services.

A complete overhaul of your SEO strategy for SaaS with the right plan going forward will not only improve your site health, but you will begin to realise that your current content marketing can be optimised to rank so much higher than it currently is.

A well-thought-out SEO strategy will get you seen. Visibility, along with persuasive content and excellent UI/ UX design will be the recipe you need for success when obtaining leads online – whether it is a local SEO or national SEO campaign.


Why is SEO Important For Your Software/ SaaS Company?

Creating a website optimised around an SEO strategy will ensure that your website can be built to attract the attention your service deserves. If you’re providing these software services online, people base their opinions on trust.

After all, if you’re not showing up on the first page of Google – how do you expect others to trust your services?


Guaranteed Traffic For Your Company

Without SEO, you’re not going to gain any traction or attention from the wider public unless you’re paying money for paid media through social media platforms – but, even then it won’t be through organic search.

With the correct research and tools, you won’t need to spend thousands of pounds to see a slight return on your investment.

Conducting research on the topic and following guides by well-known SEO specialists and implementing the basics in your SEO strategy will guarantee that you will see some additional traffic diverted to your website.

If you’re creating content that is useful, trying to rank for relevant keywords, building links/ adding internal links to important pages (landing pages, services pages, SaaS product pages etc), this will divert the trajectory of your business in a positive way.


Content Will be at a High-Standard

Providing adequate information and useful pages to your target audience as a software/ SaaS (whether that be informational content or trying to sell your service) is important for keeping a potential prospect’s attention.

If you’re tailoring your content strategy for the search engine while keeping a natural tone, whilst implementing necessary keywords (from deep keyword research) – you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of Google seeing the page as an authority.

If your content is easily navigable, this prevents your bounce rate from being sky-high. A well-laid-out and professional web design goes a long way when it comes to keeping your clients intrigued and interested in your software/ SaaS services.


Seen as an Authoritative Entity

As we touched on earlier, if you have no reviews and are not visible on the first or second page of Google (at most) – you won’t be seen as a trustworthy business… or may not be seen at all. Gaining credibility and generating brand awareness all come from being seen on Google.

Once you begin seeing relevant prospects enquire about your services through thoughtful SEO and you begin to provide them with excellent customer service and software services, you will see reviews begin to flood in.

The combination of highly-rated reviews on the forefront of your website, along with the cutting-edge SEO strategy in the back end hits the sweet spot of the Google algorithm.


Top Tips For Your Software/ Saas Content

Your pieces of content must have topical relevance towards software/ SaaS, and that’s a given. From an SEO perspective, there are a few facets to the content on your website that you must get right for optimal results.


Using the Correct Headings

Not only will adding headings in the backend of your website give it more structure from a visual aesthetic, but if you don’t have headings coded into your content – Google will not know how to read your content in order.

Without a clear structure, Google will not see this as a useful page and will not give it the clear boost in rankings that you deserve as a quality software/ SaaS enterprise.


Keyword Implementation

Relevant search terms are another crucial element to your software content becoming an authority on Google’s search engine. Analysing your competitors and using keyword phrases that seem to help ranking score will be vital.

Whether this is a phrase or just a keyword that has high search volume and low keyword difficulty (hanging fruit) in your line of work, testing to see what keywords are performing well for your business will certainly help more eyes be brought to your service.

Google needs to know what the page is about and how it can help search-related terms and if you can give that to them… they’ll reward you.


Internal Linking Strategy

If you don’t already have a blog section on your website, this would be a perfect time to install one on your website.

Blog posts not only provide an informational purpose and a chance to take advantage of keyword opportunities, but it gives you the ability to internally link to the pages you want to be most relevant.

For example, if you want your software service pages to be the focal point of your website, then you can use relevant anchor text to link back to your important pages. This gives a chance for other pages to link back to your useful content and will improve overall domain authority/ rating.

If you’re a software/ SaaS company looking to implement a killer SEO strategy in 2023, our award-winning team here at Quirky Digital would love to take your business to new heights. Get a quote or contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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