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Are you wanting to improve your website visibility? We are the people who can make it happen.

Why use SEO for your St Helens business?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) should be an integral part of any marketing strategy, regardless of your industry, business size, or location.

If your business is based in or around St Helens, you may be competing with Liverpool businesses, so it’s more important than ever to rank highly on Google.

Having an SEO plan will get you ranking with google, and make it easier for any potential customers and clients to find your business using the relevant search terms or keywords.

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    St Helens businesses rely on us

    At Quirky Digital, we can offer you stable and consistent results that are sure to last a long time. It can be difficult to know how to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms, which is why we have the best of the best to ensure you’re consistently ranking. We are confident that we can get your St Helens business noticed locally, nationally, and internationally.

    If you’ve tried SEO yourself and struggled to see any results, or you’ve hired another SEO company that has failed to generate results, Quirky Digital can fix any SEO damage that has been done by creating and implementing a personalized strategy for your business.

    What are the benefits of SEO?

    SEO is much more than just advertising. SEO involves researching consumer search habits, using research to improve the user experience, learning about your competition, generating leads and ultimately improving your online presence and business reputation.

    Advertising can drive traffic to your site, but may not generate the leads you want. However, an expert SEO plan can direct organic traffic to your website – and the best part is that it will be people that are actually interested in your website, products, or services – so SEO will ultimately generate more leads which can lead to an increase in enquiries and sales depending on how you use your website.

    We will implement an expert strategy

    At Quirky Digital, we will take the time to understand what your business needs – and ultimately, deliver a tailored plan to help you succeed.

    Every business is different – you may sell the same products or services as another business in St Helens, but you will have your own plan, goals, and identity. At Quirky Digital, we believe that you should embrace your identity instead of blending into the competition.

    We don’t use a ‘one-size fits all’ approach – instead, we take the time to understand what your business needs by researching your business, industry, and competition to deliver a custom SEO plan for your St Helens business.

    SEO should be at the heart of any company, and our team at Quirky Digital can ensure that you’re ranking for the right words and search terms.

    Google is constantly evolving and updating its algorithm – and at Quirky Digital, we will stay on top of Google’s latest rules, and experiment to check for any unannounced changes. Experimentation is a vital part of SEO success, and our team is constantly checking for any new changes.

    What Google considers a ranking factor may be overcome by using other signals – this can be difficult to beat, but our expert team should be able to crack the code. We can pursue an SEO audit of your website to show us what is going wrong and include this in our plan to get you ranking higher.

    Google is extremely sensitive – so over-optimising or under-optimising can be detrimental to your site. However, at Quirky Digital, we can identify, assess, and ultimately fix any previous SEO damage and get you ranking where you should be.

    Quirky Digital are your local SEO experts

    St Helens has close to 200,000 residents and countless businesses. Whatever your industry, it can be tough getting the top ranking spot you deserve.

    How are you going to achieve that top-ranking spot? The first step is arranging a consultation with us.

    At Quirky Digital, we have extensive experience with a wide range of businesses of all sizes. Our quality SEO services can work with your brand identity to get it ranking for the relevant search terms and keywords, helping your St Helens business to dominate the search results.

    Whether you’d prefer to use our services on a monthly basis, or work with us on more permanent terms, Quirky Digital can help your business grow its online presence, rank highly, and ultimately, generate more leads.

    No quality business should have to settle for anything other than first-page ranking – so get in touch to arrange a consultation with Quirky Digital today.

    Frequently asked questions

    A backlink is essentially a link from another site to your site - and should be the cornerstone of any quality SEO strategy.

    There is no clear answer for ranking with Google, as it all depends on what works for your business. This is why at Quirky Digital, we focus on the brand before the ranking.


    Building an online presence is key to ranking - whether it be on Quora, LinkedIn, or other places, be sure to take part in conversation and showcase your brand identity.


    It’s also beneficial to create business profiles on social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram - than creating and posting engaging content that people want to read.


    This is sure to generate natural backlinks to your site. Backlinks are a necessary aspect of ranking on Google, so be sure to create chances for people to visit your site from other sources.

    Google is not only the largest search engine in the UK but the largest in the world, with over 70% of internet searches being via Google - so you can see why ranking with Google is such a big deal.