Organic website users increased by 853.57% for eCommerce store 🚀

An overview of the campaign

ThinK Wine Group are a start-up vegan wine brand that launched in 2019, who are now a well established company. The wines are made in Italy from the finest Trevisto grapes and have reduced calories that are also 100% vegan and organic.

96.97% increase in transactions

1012% increase in organic keywords

857% increase in organic users

The problem

Website ranked for no non-branded search terms

When ThinK Wine Group engaged with us, they were already well-established brand with a strong social media following and a good network of influencers promoting the products.

Being an ambitious brand, they wanted to become more prominent on the search engines and compete with leading players such as Drinkwell, Tesco, ASDA and ALDI – our SEO strategy had to achieve this.

The solution

Creation of a strong content marketing and authority building campaign

Link Building Wine

ThinK Wine Group required an eCommerce SEO company who could produce a strategy that would build trust with Google and drive serious traffic to the website.

When starting the campaign, we made several technical fixes to the website to improve indexing and performance. Once these tasks were completed, we produced a 6 month content plan that answered all potential buyer’s questions.

Once we agreed on the subjects, our content team produced optimised blog posts – working alongside our outreach team to create relationships with wine and food bloggers who added links to our content. Additionally, we embarked on a sophisticated brand mention campaign to turn mentions of ThinK in major publications into valuable links.

The results

First page rankings and serious increase in search traffic

After five months, ThinK Wine Group started to notice serious increase in organic traffic and a ROI on their investment.

Originally, the website was getting 10 daily users through the search engines (98% branded) and since our SEO strategy has been implemented – ThinK are averaging over 300 organic users per day.

We are still working with ThinK Wine Group and their website is increasing on a monthly basis as they are ranking on the 1st page for the majority of low carb wine and vegan prosecco related search terms.

eCommerce Wine Brand

What the client has to say

Quirky Digital have been carrying out SEO on ThinK Wine Group's website for around 8 months and we are really pleased with the results so far.

When they started working out on our website, 98% of our Google traffic was coming through branded searches - fast forward to now and we are ranking in the top places for the majority of our targeted keywords.

Since working on the website, our monthly organic website traffic has increased by over 850% and it is really starting to show a positive impact on our ROI. We love working with Liam and his team and couldn't recommend them enough.

Kath Jones
Katherine Jones
ThinK Wine Group