Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Business Owners

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

If you didn’t already know, LinkedIn is the place to be for networking. There is no other platform that gives you such a huge opportunity to connect with customers and clients. Business owners can utilize the platform in a variety of ways to grow email marketing lists, engage with potential clients/customers and generate leads.


What Are The Basics Of LinkedIn Marketing

On first glance, LinkedIn may not seem like a platform that is tailor-made for marketing. Rather, it can appear to be a site that is mainly for professionals and job-seekers.

It is true that many professionals use LinkedIn to grow their own personal network. However, there are also numerous opportunities for businesses and brands to build new relationships. LinkedIn is a social media network that is different from any other because it is geared towards business.

This makes it a powerful asset for building your brand and raising awareness through the numerous networking opportunities that can be found on the website.


Top Tips for Business Owners

Here are the most powerful LinkedIn marketing tips that are essential for all businesses owners to know.


Create a Company Page

All business owners should have a fully completed LinkedIn company page. This page works differently to individual profiles, and potential customers will be interested to see it.

These days a LinkedIn company page is just as important as an Instagram or Facebook profile. Make sure your profile is set-up and has all of the relevant details filled in.

It is vital to have a complete LinkedIn business profile if you want to grab the attention of potential customers.


Target Your Audience

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is the ability to specifically target specific industries and audiences. You should use this to your advantage when looking at marketing campaigns.

Be sure to find your specific audience and reach out to them.

For example, if you are targeting smaller businesses, you can set a filter to reach businesses with fewer than 50 employees. If you have a local business, you can filter for a specific country or state.


Engage With Your Audience

It isn’t enough to simply target your audience. You must also keep them engaged with regular updates. LinkedIn is a social platform, and potential customers will be looking for new updates and information.

Make sure you stay in touch with people who have already expressed an interest. Keep your followers updated with weekly updates and regular blog posts.

LinkedIn is a platform that encourages sharing, and you should make the most of this to produce relevant content that will allow you to position yourself as an expert within your industry.

Additionally, you can send out offers, webinars and white-papers related to your industry. All of these actions help to create an efficient system for lead generation.


Make The Most Of Sponsored Updates

You may already be familiar with “Pay Per Click” marketing, and this is a way to get your business directly in the eyes of your target demographic. You can choose between pay per click or paying per 1000 impressions.

One key difference with LinkedIn is the fantastic filters that you can use to target a specific audience. You can differentiate between company size, occupation, school, and many other aspects.

A sponsored update can be powerful when it includes useful content that has a direct CTA. Rather than promoting something that is purely advertorial, you can promote something that provides real value to the end-user.

If your content is good enough, then you will garner high-quality leads in no time.


Create Content That Can Go Viral

We mentioned above that you should post regularly and engage with your audience. However, not every post you make will pick up traction.

But, if you create high-quality content that is relevant and informative, then it has a good chance to go viral.

You should create content that is specifically targeted for a certain demographic, and it should be something that either teaches your audience or shows them how to solve a problem.

A high-quality post that is engaging has an excellent chance of reaching your target industry and even going viral.

All it takes is a bit of momentum for your post to get thousands or even ten thousands of viewers. This gives you an incredible reach that would otherwise be difficult to attain through your own website or on other platforms.


Join Relevant Groups

Another top feature of LinkedIn that is well worth checking out is groups. There are groups for many industries and demographics.

You can join the ones relevant to your business to gain a better insight into what people are talking about, and what trends are making the most noise.

You can also mail members of the group directly without needing to use InMail, which can be great to build relationships with potential clients.


Set Up Your Own LinkedIn Groups

Once you have become more established within your industry, you can even set up your own LinkedIn group. The group can be related to your business, and you should regularly share useful content within it.

You can grow this group by inviting members from other similar groups. Once you start to gain members in the group, you will have a place filled with prospects that you have full control over.

It gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise directly to a group who is already interested in your offering. Controlling your own group also means you can keep potential competitors away.


Complete Your Personal Profile

As well as companies, users of LinkedIn also prefer the personal touch. This means you should also complete the summary page of your own profile and speak directly to your target audience.

All business owners should navigate LinkedIn with their company page and their individual profiles. This allows you to reach out and build new relationships with potential clients.


Closing Thoughts

You will now be able to use LinkedIn effectively to boost your brand and to attract the high-quality leads that will allow your business to grow.

It is important to remember that a LinkedIn marketing strategy takes time to be effective, but in the long run, it can be incredibly useful for a business, even as a part of an SEO strategy. It might be worth asking your SEO consultant about this.

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