Local SEO Consultant

We are the experts at promoting your business online to make it easier for local customers to find your business.

What Are Local SEO Services?

If you run a local business or have multiple locations, then you need to seriously consider utilising local SEO. We are the experts at promoting your business online to make it easier for local customers to find your business.

The art of local SEO has changed over the years. What was once targeting search terms with locations in has become map packs, mobile-focused search, personalisation, map packs, and so much more. The different elements come together to create the ultimate local SEO strategy to promote businesses to people in the local area. Users don’t have to type in a location to see the most relevant results to their location, so you can’t rely on just local keywords to get the job done anymore.

Our SEO experts will audit your current SEO activities and fine-tune what you are doing with our expertise to create an effective local SEO strategy for lead generation.

86% of people find local businesses through searches, highlighting the importance of connecting to the local audience. You must harness online searches’ potential to highlight the local relevance of your products and services to draw in customers from the surrounding area.

Local SEO services put your business in front of your audience. One failing of most companies when it comes to local SEO is not to claim the Google My Business listing associated to their business. The good news is that this approach is beneficial for businesses of any size. Small, medium, and large companies alike all benefit from local SEO.

We believe in working together with clients to create an effective strategy based on their business goals and ideals. We work with you to create a plan that integrates with your current architecture for a truly successful approach.

We build our services around promoting products and services to local people when they search for them. We have several methods to achieve this, including optimisation, link building, local terms, and keyword discovery. Location citations, technical and on-page optimisations, and Google My Business are also useful for local SEO.

Finding The Sweet Spot For Local SEO

We pride ourselves on the results we deliver for our clients. We want to provide tangible benefits to our services. We aim to fuel business growth by generating more qualified traffic, encouraging conversions, enhancing overall website user experience, and boosting return on investment.

When people in your area search for your business’s products and services, we want your website to rank as highly as possible in the results by using your location, improving search relevance, and making you one of the most prominent local businesses.

We put a lot of effort and research into understanding your business culture and values. We want to know what you want and expect and your overall business goals. We determine your core audience, the most valuable customers you should be targeting. Knowing your core audience helps us understand their search behaviour and how they search.

This enables us to create a strategy tailored around you, your business, and your customers. We can also find new opportunities and determine your strengths and weaknesses by analysing other companies in the area.

One of the most essential elements of local SEO is optimising on-page website content. With the help of our keyword research, we can find the most relevant keywords for your business. We want to increase local business and encourage conversions, and we know how to create content to do just that. We create high quality and informative content optimised around the right keywords and with the proper call-to-actions needed to get your content in front of prospective local leads.

Another element of local SEO is link building. Creating the right links creates the proper “local signals” needed to boost your site’s local organic and local page ranking.

By finding and using the appropriate local domains and resources to generate links, we make your website more relevant for local searchers, meaning that they are more likely to find your website through Google and other search engines.

Claiming a Google my Business page is at the forefront of local SEO. With a Google My Business listing, you’ll be one step closer to showcasing your location on Google maps and through Google local park.

We also perform a technical audit on your website to find technical strengths and weaknesses. We check the URL structure, duplicate content, internal linking, crawlability, index-ability, schema markup, NAP, and more to ensure your website is optimised for local search performance.


Learning More About Our Local SEO Services

Local SEO boils down to convincing Google that your website – and the individual pages therein – are relevant to the local audience. This involves a range of techniques and tools to develop an online presence and show Google that your business is the one people need when searching in your area. Our list of local SEO services includes, but is not limited to:

Website Optimisation

Having a business website is good, but having an optimized one representing you and includes references to the local services you offer is even better.

Local Citations

The more local citations you have, the more Google sees your business's name and address across publications and websites, the more legitimacy this gives you.

Digital PR

Local media and other publications are an integral part of local SEO. We will create the best stories for you and promote them across the local press.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google. Your business must have a Google My Business listing to build your local presence. We will create your page for you and show you how to manage the Knowledge Panel, Google Maps listing, and more.

Local Link Building

Much like you would want local people to talk about your brand offline when they can, you should ensure they are discussing it online. We'll help you find chances to get influential people and businesses talking about you and your company.

We Can Help You Dominate Locally 🚀

Our local SEO experts are interested in learning more about your business and would love to tell you about how you can improve your online visibility.