Organic sales increased by 245% in 3 months πŸš€

An overview of the campaign

Geometra Fashion is an online clothing retailer that focuses on high-end designer clothing brands. They sell popular brands such as Valentino, Dior, Christian Louboutin, PRADA and Moncler, and their website has an average order value of Β£383.

With over 50k followers on Instagram, they are a well- known personal shopper company that provides solutions across the whole of Europe and source clothing for football players, rappers and even reality TV stars.

245% increase in organic sales

200+ rankings on Google's first page

144% increase in organic users

The problem

Most of the sales were coming through social media

Although the site was already generating a solid income through Instagram, the audience was limited by only using one channel – and paying for ads can significantly reduce the ROI (return on investment).

The client was unsure whether to target Google, as their main competitors are massive multi-national companies with established reputations.

The solution

Employ an experienced SEO consultant

Geometra Increases

Many business owners try to tackle SEO themselves, but the client realised that in their industry, there isn’t any room for error as the competition is so high, and the eCommerce trends are forever changing.

Although the website was getting very little organic traffic, a few wrong moves could have affected the credibility of the business.

This is why they employed us to carry out a full SEO audit on the website with full implementation in order – to increase the chances of ranking for lucrative search terms.

The results

First page rankings & 245% increase in organic sales

After just a few weeks of fixing issues on the website, it began to rank for longer-tail keywords which started to bring in an instant ROI for the business.

We then made some large structural changes to brand pages to increase relevancy of the site, as well as optimising product images to ensure they show in image search results, as well as site speed optimisation

Ultimately, the monthly work had a snowball effect, allowing them to rank on the first page for very competitive search terms and beating their blue-chip competitors to the sale.

From the Q3 of 2018 to Q4, we helped increase organic traffic by over 144% – resulting in a 245% increase in organic sales.

Geometra Case Study

What the client has to say

As a company, we have worked with Liam and his team on a number of different projects and it is clear that he has a unrivalled knowledge of SEO.

Since employing them to carry out some of his SEO tactics the Geometra website, we are pleased to say that this resulted in a rapid increase in increased organic sales.​

We always recommend our clients and suppliers to Quirky Digital and will continue to do so going forward.

Geometra Fashion